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The Lost Ones x

Lockdown has given us all time to think and reflect, be it watching old films or nostalgically reverting back to music we have always loved. It's left me to wonder what if these lost icons were still alive today and where would music and film be today? There's a hole in music, film and culture in general that they left behind for future generations. They are lost but never forgotten.

What new films would River Phoenix or Heath Ledger be starring in? What if Nirvana were playing the main stage at Glastonbury or Amy Winehouse headlining British Summertime in London's Hyde Park? What kooky comedy would Brittany Murphy be starring in? Where would Michael Hutchence have taken his music career to?

So in celebration of missing these immortals I've chosen a handful of the stars that left a hole for me and that I daydream about, rather selfishly, what they would be doing now if their lives hadn't been cut so tragically short.

We're born with millions

Of little lights shining in the dark

And they show us the way

One lights up, every time you feel love in your heart

One dies when it moves away

#Passenger - All the Little Lights

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