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I Heart Swedish Hasbeens x

Happy shoes for happy people ...

For years I have been falling in love with Swedish Hasbeens' beautiful wooden shoes. Hand made in Stockholm in the old traditional way and using genuine natural materials Hasbeen shoes age in a beautiful way. The designs are based on the original styles from the 1970's but now look to add elements of fun and quirkiness to their everchanging new styles. These are happy shoes made by happy people in small happy traditional factories. So treat yourself to a bit of sunshine in your life and splash out on a pair as they will bring joy for a lifetime. Perfect styled down with denim or paired with a dress summer style these will be an invaluable addition to you wardrobe. Only thing now is to get happy and choose a pair from the many colours, styles and various heel heights available be it bright metallic pink from the new metallics collection, neon green or the more traditional nature tan colour.

“In each of us is a hidden child. It’s nice when the child wakes up because the world of imagination is a tremendous place to play.”

Stjepan Varesevac Cobets, Magic Clogs

Visit Swedish Hasbeeens to grab your own piece of sunshine x

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