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Feeling Artsy? x Part 3

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

Edgar Degas

I've finally gotten around to the third post in my Feeling Artsy ? series. It's been a busy time homeschooling, arranging an EHCP for my youngest daughter and looking for a new role after unfortunately being made redundant in October 2020 after the first furlough scheme ended. It was hard to find some creativity but now with the hope that the vaccination role out brings and some light at the end of the tunnel, I feel I'm ready to get back to it. So here is part 3 featuring a new selection of my favourite current talented artists and a snapshot into their inspiring works.

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Caitlyn Murphy

Toronto based artist, Caitlyn Murphy, graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design. Her heartfelt works serve to elevate the simple and natural charm of everyday life. Traditionally, Caitlyn's work have looked at the exterior of the shopfronts as regularly featured. Caitlyn has now taken the everyday further by entering into shop fronts to show the beauty in their interiors. The pieces below are taken from her delightful Five Dresses series, portraying the interior of a dry cleaners and the beautiful cling filmed details within.


Gabriella Boyd

Born in Glasgow although now based and working in London, Gabriella Boyd attended The Glasgow School of Art and then also The Royal Acadecmy Schools, of London. Working in oil paints on canvas, Gabriella's works look at the merging of private and public spaces, successfully blurring familiar shapes and recognisable scenarios with a surreal, hazy and dreamlike twist. The ambiguous forms give a sense of freedom of interpretation. Gabrielle comments on her works, "I like the idea of the viewer having their own freedom within the work, making their own journey."



Multi talented French painter, musician and animator, Lossapardo's paintings, evoke a sublime melancholic story of human sensitivity combining the themes of lonlieness and solitude. His works tell a different story with attention to colour, light and shadow to convey a sense of joy to the solitude and give a glimpse to a precious personal moment. Lossapardo describes his work, "I paint a certain mood in every painting. There’s something negative perceived in terms of loneliness but I wanted to convey the need to be alone sometimes, to have those stolen moments”.


Romina Bassu

Residing and working in Rome, Romina Bassu studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville. Inspired by the iconic style of the fifties and painting in acrylics and watercolours, Romina's subjects are often stark, uncomfortable and confrontational. They set out to challenge traditional feminine stereotypes and provide a backlash to historic female models and the needs of a male culture and voyeurism as well as the society of consumption. Her works convey an alternative, dreamlike but dystopic reality, emphasised by an altered and challenging female gaze.


Vanessa Stockard

I can honestly say that Vanessa Stockard is one of my favourite artists I have discovered - always quirky, enjoyable and brings a smile to my face. Born in Sydney, Vanessa Stockard grew up in the country in New South Wales, going on to graduate from The College of Fine Arts in Sydney. Vanessa often includes her cats and in particular, Kevin the Kittin, showing the humour that we all recognise that despite cats fluffy exteriors there is a juxtaposition of a villainous, sinister, cruel and calculating side to your lovable pet. Her ethereal works combine the elements of happiness and friendship with the reality of what often lies beneath the cuteness in an individual and comical manner.


"Art should be something that liberates your soul."

Keith Haring


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