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Nicki Chamarette


As a Marketing Manager for the majority of my working years I'm finally getting around to starting my blog which has always been a life long aspiration. So here we are - it's early days but I just needed to take that first step.


My passions in life have always been around elements of style: fashion, design, interiors and, as of my 3 years spent in Manchester for my History of Art & Design degree, art.


I like to seek out up and coming contemporary artists, eclectic interior designers and unique clothing designers which I usually gravitate towards France, LA or Australia for.


My partner and I, my three kids, Ellie, Star and Fred, and finally Nala, our dog and Pixel, our cat, live in the UK in Surrey. 

Please email me anytime at me@lovenickix.co.uk  for genuine collaboration opportunities or just to simply say hello. Thanks so much for reading.